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About Greyston

Building Communities

In 1982, Greyston launched a world-changing brownie to help people facing barriers to employment. Since then, when people say, yes, I want to work; we say yes right back. We call it Open Hiring® -- no background checks, no resumes, no interviews – and it invests in people and builds communities, businesses, and a better world. Because it’s not someone’s past that matters, it’s their future. When you buy our brownies, you are part of our trust-building, future-making, life-changing revolution.

Greyston Bakery is proudly Kosher and B Corp Certified.

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Our Brownies

Our brownies are known for their superior taste and pure, quality ingredients. All of our products are made without preservatives because we believe purity and freshness of food marks the highest standard. We bake everything from scratch. Our brownies are certified kosher in our verified peanut-free facility.

No artificial preservatives, flavors, sweeteners, or hydrogenated fats.