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About Greyston

The Bite-Sized” Version

We bake 34,000 pounds of brownies every day and ship them to Ben & Jerry’s for some of their best-loved ice cream flavors. Greyston Bakery meets the highest industry standards as a Unilever supplier, our brownies are featured on Delta Airlines international flights, and we produce award-winning brownies for sale at Whole Foods Market.

Our Brownies

Our brownies are known for their superior taste and pure, quality ingredients. All of our products are made without preservatives because we believe purity and freshness of food marks the highest standard. We bake everything from scratch. Our brownies are certified kosher in our verified peanut-free facility.

A Recipe for Social Change

Greyston’s mission is to create thriving communities through the practice and promotion of Open Hiring™. We hire every one of our bakers without asking any questions or making any judgements. Our Open Hiring Model creates opportunities for individuals who face barriers to employment. 

Building Communities

Since 1982, we have developed and refined Open Hiring, assembling a remarkable team of bakers by hiring without interviews, resumes, background checks or applications. Beyond the critical first step of providing an opportunity to work, the Open Hiring Model includes community services programs to support new employees and their neighbors. With each position we fill through Open Hiring, we create the opportunity for that person to change their life and the lives of their family members and to contribute to a thriving community.

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